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Hush Earth

White Oud - Unisex Luxurious Ittar by Hush Earth

White Oud - Unisex Luxurious Ittar by Hush Earth

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An intoxicating fragrance that has the powerful Oud elegantly balanced by sweet floral and saffron notes. The Vanilla and earthy Patchouli provide the substrate that allows the Oud to shine through.

Completely Alcohol-free perfume oil.

Intense and Long-lasting - 12hrs or more after adequate application.

Unisex blend.

Fragrance Notes

Prominent notes - Oudh, Saffron, Amber
Supporting notes - Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla


Quantity 10ml
Single Golden Roll-on bottle with cap
Packed in a Black Gift-box


Apply an adequate amount on the intended area. Common application areas are pulse points near the wrists and neck.
Reapply as needed.
Layer two different Hush Earth Ittars one after the other to create your own signature fragrance.


The product contains fragrant essential oils and compounds.
People with sensitive skin may try in a small quantity at an imperceptible area.
Not for use on the face or near the eyes.
Do not apply on the under-arms.
Do not apply on visible areas of clothes that may get discolored by essential oils.

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