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Our premium scented candles are made from the highest quality fragrance oils and raw materials. They are cruelty free and contain no harmful additives like toxic colors, parabens, lead or other toxins. Hand-crafted by artisans with utmost care, these candles feature engraved natural wood lids and are predominantly made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Hush Earth's exclusive Ittars, meticulously curated and blended by master craftsmen using oils extracted though the time-honored 'bhapka' method, are olfactory masterpieces. Crafted from the finest oils extracted from nature's treasures, these fragrances are an enchanting sensory journey, leaving an unforgettable impression on both the wearer and those fortunate enough to encounter them

Hush Earth Candles and Ittars come in an attractive gift box.

Our commitment to sustainable sourcing ensures guilt-free indulgence in these exquisite fragrances.

Hush Earth Premium Scented Candles - Three Wick Collection

Hush Earth Luxurious Ittar Collection

Luxurious handcrafted scented natural soy wax candles with scintillating fragrances. Free shipping sitewide

Hush Earth Fragrance Products

Our luxurious fragrance products have a mood elevating effect. They indulge one’s sense of smell and bring back happy memories.

Our products enhance the fragrant ambiance around you and elevate the experience of anyone visiting or meeting you.

Hush Earth aroma candles and ittars (attars) are great for daily use, and also make for fantastic gifts on weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, house warming ceremonies or simply to express your appreciation as a corporate gift.

Beautiful metallic candles from Hush Earth

Customized Products

Whether it is a family & friends event like a wedding or a corporate event like a conference, our teams work with you to bring to life a bespoke product...a gift that represents a discerning `You'!

Reuse candle jar Hush Earth

Our Blog

Read our Blog posts about methods to light jar candles, reusing our candle jars and more...

  • Create a unique atmosphere with fragrant Hush Earth Candles

    A Unique Atmosphere

    Our aroma candles create a unique atmosphere that adds softness to your interior, while its ornamental value is enhanced by the sophisticated design of its jar. Suitable for use to upgrade your living room or for your intimate moments in your bedroom.

  • Fragrant Memories

    Our indelible authentic ittar fragrances create memories in a very personal way that leaves a lasting impression.

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