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How to Light a Candle in a Jar

Lighting your candle could get a little tricky after the candle burns down and the wick is hard to reach. Here are a few ways you could light your hush earth candle with ease!


  • Use a bbq lighter

A bbq lighter has a long, often flexible nozzle at the end, so all you have to do is insert the tip near the wick, then press the trigger to light it.


  • Use uncooked spaghetti

Take a single piece of uncooked spaghetti and light one end. This should allow

you to reach down into the jar and light your candle. 


  • Tilt the candle downwards

If you don't have a long lighter or match, tilt your candle downwards, strike your lighter or match and hold it directly under the candlewick. The flame should reach up toward the wick, making it much easier to light.

- Allow your candle to solidify before lighting it.

- Flip the candle right-side-up as soon as the wick lights so you don't spill any wax as it melts.


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